Minecraft Dungeons New Video Reveals Unique Weapons & Deadly Flames

Minecraft Dungeons New Video Reveals Unique Weapons & Deadly Flames

A new gameplay clip from the upcoming action RPG Minecraft spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons, offers a look at some of the game’s unique weapons and armor, plus lots and lots of fire. Minecraft Dungeons will take the iconic look and some familiar items from the original Minecraft, but transport them into a whole new genre.

Developer Mojang first announced Minecraft Dungeons back in 2018, saying that it would be a four-player dungeon crawler based on the popular sandbox game with local and online co-op play. In addition to items and enemies pulled straight from Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons will add new mobs, environments, gear, and boss battles. Originally announced for a 2019 release date, Minecraft Dungeons is now expected out in April 2020. Far from the crafting and building that defines Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons will take its gameplay cues from hack-and-slash games like Diablo, which is getting a sequel of its own before long.

Minecraft Dungeons looks to be lighter on RPG elements than similar games like Diablo or Torchlight, instead focusing on gear to give players new abilities and upgrades. In a recent gameplay clip, Mojang showed off just how wild some of the gear in Minecraft Dungeons could get. The clip shows a player equipping various pieces of equipment and weapons, which all provide stat bonuses. More excitingly, though, a Flaming Quiver grants the player the ability to shoot flaming arrows and a Fire Trail enchantment means they leave a burning path on the ground wherever they walk. With those two items combined, the player is able to set everything in reach ablaze, trapping nearby enemies in a fiery maze as they pelt the mobs with arrows.

Minecraft was once basically undisputed as the most popular video game in the world. While it isn’t quite the pop culture phenomenon that it once was, it still has plenty of devoted followers and new players joining the game. Minecraft reached a new record of more than 100 million monthly players last month, and Mojang has remained hard at work keeping Minecraft up to date, releasing frequent updates and tweaks to keep things fresh.

The announcement of a Minecraft spin-off may not be as exciting as it would have been at the height of the game’s popularity, but Minecraft Dungeons still seems worth keeping an eye on. Mojang clearly knows how to keep a game engaging for a long time, and Minecraft Dungeons will be built on a proven action RPG formula. From the looks of its, Minecraft Dungeons will be more accessible than other games in the genre, while still offering more experienced players plenty of customization options to keep the game exciting.

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